Invited Talks

Here is the partial list of Invited Talks at the Conference:
1. "From features to predicates or from symptoms to syndromes in supervised pattern recognition" 
   Dr. Ventzeslav Valev
    (Ph.D. Computer Science, Computing Center, Russian Academy of Sciences
    Dr. Sci., Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
    Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)
    Full Professor, 
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
    Artificial Intelligence Department
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
2. "Non-word and Real-word error correction in running text"
    Dr. Bidyut B. Chaudhuri 
    (Ph.D. Computer Science - IIT Kanpur,
    J. C. Bose Fellow and Head
    Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Unit
    Indian Statistical Institute

3. "Pattern Recognition in the Clinic: To Inform or to Persuade"
    Dr. Srinivasan Rajagopalan
     (Ph.D. Biological Sciences & Bio-Medical Engineering - Mayo Clinic College of Medicine)
     Principal Innovator, Biomedical Imaging Resource
     Assistant Professor , Department of Physiology and Biomedical Medical Engineering
     Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

4. "Reification of non-synaptic changes in neuronal networks"
    Dr. Rishikesh Narayanan
    (PhD Electrical Engineering - Indian Institute of Science)
     Assistant Professor, Molecular Biophysics Unit
     Principal Investigator, Cellular Neurophysiology Laboratory
     Indian Institute of Science

5. "How to make machines understand human speech"
      Dr. Shajith Ikbal Mohamed
     (PhD Computer Science - École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, 
     Post-Doctoral Researcher in Computer Science – Karlsruhe University, Germany) 
     Research Scientist
     IBM Research 

6. "Design and applications of multi-resolution classification systems" 
   Dr. Gowri Srinivasa
    (Ph.D. Bio-Medical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University)
    Professor, Department of Information Science & Engineering 
    Head, PES Centre for Pattern Recognition
    PES Institute of Technology

7. “Computer Vision: To infinity and beyond” 
    Kedar Kulkarni 
    Head, Computer Vision Group 
     Founder & CEO, Lema Labs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
     IIT Madras