The Department

The Department of Computer Science offers M.C.A. (since 1986), M.Sc. Information Technology (since 2004) and B.Sc. Computer Science (since 2009).

The Department currently has 18 faculty members who are young and dynamic. Well known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, the Department houses the Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Computer Centre, a spacious computing facility equipped with powerful servers and over 120 personal computers. There is a second lab facility with 50 thin client systems. A third lab is in the pipeline. There is 24-hour internet connectivity throughout the campus through a 20 mbps Internet leased line.

The Department also runs a Robotics and Technology Centre in collaboration with Lema Labs, IIT Madras, and a UGC-sponsored 3-year progressive career-oriented course leading to an Advanced Diploma in Web Applications Development.

The Department faculty members are actively involved in research and have published 24 International publications over the past three years. They have also been keenly involved in enterprise application development for the college.

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